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Dimanche divin, part deux

Yesterday morning, I worked at the yoga studio for a couple of hours. It went alright.

For the first time in ten years, I swiped credit cards through the little machine, and dealt with a cash register. I straightened the merch and vacuumed the hallway. I learned a little bit about registering people, taking roll (via their computer system) and selling stuff. Saturday mornings are pretty crazy because the day begins with 2 concurrent classes, which means that the reception area is a madhouse with people paying, asking questions, signing in (often for the wrong class,) and getting setup.

Iíve already qualified for one free class. Yay!

Did you know that there is a program called OmSoft, which is specifically designed for yoga studios? It is a decent app, but needs refining. If I were a developer, Iíd get on that right quick. There are so many people becoming teachers these days, and Iím sure most entertain ideas of opening their own schools...

Yesterday evening, we went to an art opening. It was completely mobbed and impossible to see anything. We stayed for about 10 minutes before I started sniffling and having an allergy attack--that gallery must have had a resident dog or cat hidden someplace.What a drag that now even art galleries are off limits to me.

I tried on some trendy jeans today. They were in some 1/2 off store on Larchmont. I just picked a pair that looked shorter in the leg and about right in the legs and booty, and guess what? They totally fit, and made me look so different. I think the reason these expensive jeans are all the rage is that they 1) make you look a wee bit taller, and 2) they make you look skinny. I mean, these pants appeared to shave 10 pounds off of me! Terence was not happy with the way they made my butt look (ďtoo flatĒ) but he did agree that they made me look skinny minnie. It is true that I am small, but like most people, I suffer moderately from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and I always think I am bigger/fatter/stumpier than I really am. I was really proud of myself for picking a pair off the rack that fit perfectly--no ďmy ass is way bigger so I should size up or grab the same pair in three different sizesĒ or whatever. I very nearly bought the pants, except that 1) I am broke, 2) Terenceís butt comment made me think twice, but mostly 3) the style of the jeans is supertrendy i.e. low-waisted also known as vagina pants. If I change my mind, I think the pants will still be there, but do I really need a pair of trendy lowrider tight jeans that need to be drycleaned? And what is the deal with Lucky brand? Is that completely victime de la mode-ish?

Iíve got to focus on the jeans question or I will most certainly do something idiotic like drive up to San Francisco for the Marc Jacobs sale which begins Thursday. Iím pretty sure that there arenít any shoes left in my size so the trip would be a total waste--however I think I will use the opportunity of the sale to place a call to my most favorite salesperson and request a Fall 2002 look book. There is a pair of red boots in the collection that I must own. Come hell or highwater, I will be wearing those this winter.

7:24 p.m. - 2002-06-02



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