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The World Cup

Terence is watching the World Cup, and I just turned around to look at the Italian team's uniform. Terence says it's the nicest one so far; he's such a designer that he's confessed to not being able to wholeheartedly support Mexico because their uniforms are so ugly. As he says, "What's with the white socks?" Anyway, is it me, or is the entire Italian soccer team HOT HOT HOT? I wouldn't mind being trapped in their locker room. Every time there is a closeup, I realize that yet another player outfoxes another in the fox department. Whoo ee, I may become a soccer fan. Number 7 is my special favorite, but he needs a haircut.

I should also mention that Terence strongly encouraged me to write the above. He thinks that my diary needs more spice, more titillation to "gain readership, i.e. increase circulation." Like this is some kind of business endeavor that needs more eyeballs to be successful!

Good god, I have done nothing today except go to yoga and eat chocolate cake. What a dissolute life I lead.

5:01 p.m. - 2002-06-03



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