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My mom threw me out til I get some pants that... fit

I am so sad that KUSF is no longer broadcasting over the internet. But I guess itís just as well. The streams were always crap and scratchy. I tried listening to the station when I was in France, and it was so terrible I eventually gave up. I listened instead to Radio Nova (ww.novaplanet.com) or indiepopradio.com.

Down here, Iíve been listening to KXLU which is yet another Jesuit college station. What is it with Jesuits and successful college radio stations? Donít even get me started on KCRW and Morning Becomes Shite...

I have not yet found my people on this station. I know it takes time to get to know the djs and their preferences, but I feel like there is a serious lack of personality at KXLU. Yeah, theyíre all students and learning the ropes, but seriously, most of them have annoying voices and what is a dj with an annoying voice? Iíll tell you what it is: itís a dj with a very short career. A lot of the djs are probably young, so maybe their voices have not yet matured and mellowed with age? Maybe theyíre not smoking/drinking enough? Maybe theyíre actually good students who are focusing more on their studies than their radio shows? I canít even imagine that. Suffice it to say that I am suffering without Terror Bull Ted and his 4 oíclock segment Ladiesí Choice (where he suggests you pour yourself some Courvoisier and relax to some Barry White,) no Stereo Steve, no Jet, no T.O. Ted.

It is getting very hot in Los Angeles, but I braved the heat today to continue my quest for vagina pants aka lowrider tight jeans. Here are the results thus far:

Levis: 1, Earl: 0, Lucky: 1

Thank god for air conditioning is all I have to say. If there hadnít been any, I donít think I would have had the strength to pull on some of those pants. The pants relax with wear, but let me tell you, they are a little challenging to yank on. I was jumping up and down in the dressing room, wiggling my parts into the pants. My butt was sweaty with the exertion, and every time I pulled the pants off, I pulled my panties off at the same time. Cute. The Earls were unflattering as all get out, and the Luckys fit like 501s with a lower waist and looked pretty cute. The Levis were not a good test sample because the store didnít carry my size, so I have to keep them on my list for the next test. None of the pants were the right length, not even the ones listed as ďshortĒ or ďcapri.Ē

This experiment is probably going to lead me back to Start: customized Leviís 501s. There is really nothing finer than a pair of worn 501s. Theyíre like pyjamas. And when theyíre thrashed beyond recognition, why then, youíve got a great pair of shorts! Maybe when I go up to San Francisco this summer, I can go to the Levis store downtown and head to their customization department and create my own magic pants. My friend Kirk has two templates at Levis that heís refined for himself, and I think Iím going to steal his Mod flare template. I think my life could be perfect if I could become the personification of 1960ís French Nouvelle Vague.

I donít know how Iím going to finance any of this, of course. But fantasy keeps me sane.

5:02 p.m. - 2002-06-06



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