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What I do and what I did

I got that book production job yesterday. I came home from yoga, and there it was, on my answering machine.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 10:30. As soon as I confirmed the time, I was peevish about having to reorganize my schedule around work, but Iím over it now. Iím a grownup, and grownups have to work to pay bills, and sometimes the work is not very exciting, sometimes the work drains the play right out of your life.

The job offer makes me feel bad for Terence, though. He has sent out what seems like a million letters and cvs and sample packets, and the responses have been slim. I send out one email that I forget about, they contact me and I get the job.

Itís different, since Terenceís field is tiny, and for every job he hears about, he know of at least 5 other talented people on the West Coast who are probably all going for the same position. Itís way more competitive than my field. I mean, graphic designers are a dime a dozen and the field itself has lots of offshoots: motion, interaction, print, web, etc. It used to drive me crazy being a graphic designer in San Francisco. It was highly unoriginal. Everyone claimed to be some kind of designer. It got to the point where I went from saying ďgraphic designerĒ to simply ďdesignerĒ to finally answering the question ďWhat do you do?Ē with ďNot a whole lot.Ē

Itís not that I canít stand feeling un-unique, itís just that I had a mini French revolution where I didnít want to be defined by what I did. Itís just kind of a tacky, prying, American habit, needing to know what someone does in order to better file that person into a box in your feeble little mind.ĒSheís a designer, file under artsy.Ē You can define me by what I listen to, what I shop for, what I like to eat, where Iíve travelled...

So with that in mind, hereís what Iíve been listening to:

- Komeda

- Starlight Mints

- Katerine

Hereís what Iíve been shopping for:

- new lipstick

- trendy jeans

- a laughing Buddha

Hereís what Iíve been eating:

- salade niÁoise

- Uncle Eddieís Vegan chocolate chip cookies

- cherries

Hereís where Iíve been recently:

- Pasadena

- West Hollywood

- Manhattan

The places Iíve been to recently is not really a good sample since due to fiscal circumstances, Iíve not been able to indulge my wanderlust. However, I did have an epiphany the other day: I realized I need to go to Santa Cruz to pick up my camping gear so that we can take short little trips. I love the desert but right now is not the time to be going to the desert. We did that once at long time ago, and though we have great stories to tell, it was truly a terrifying experience. Imagine being in a little black car with no air conditioning in 110 degree heat at 1 in the morning, driving along through aptly-named Death Valley at high speeds in order to get a breeze going, having a GIANT bat splat all over your windshield, not wanting to turn on the wipers to get him off for fear of having the bat get sucked into the vaccum created by your open windows and then into your lap... the story does not end there, but the rest of it is not nearly as funny as the bat chapter.

9:13 a.m. - 2002-06-18



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