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Fever in, fever out

C’est l’heure de l’apéro.

This is probably one of my most favorite French customs. Terence is having a beer, and I am having a lovely glass of port. He put a little plate of amuse-gueules together, and we are nibbling crackers, Comté, cornichons and peperoncini. It’s such a relaxing, civilized way to transition into evening and dinnertime. And the best part is that I am here, typing away, while Terence is busy in the kitchen, getting some kind of meal together.

I turned in the second galleys today, paid bills, swept the front stairs, and did a little shopping. I originially only wanted to go out to get mustard, but ended up buying lots of other things and NO mustard. Grrrr. The store was all out of regular Maille--all they had left were foofy, stupid flavored mustards, so instead I had to get a bottle of rosé, a popsicle mold, a little smelly candle, and some used cds (not at the same store, mind you.) I can’t wait to make popsicles! I’m fairly excited about the music purchases because I managed to find the latest Solex album for $8 and an old Luscious Jackson one for the same price.

Did I mention that I met one of Luscious Jackson’s former members when I was in Manhattan in May? We had lunch with her at the 2nd Avenue Deli, and she was a rad New Yorker. She’s a friend of a friend of ours, and she made us feel right at home. I guess I should have bought the LJ album at full price so that she could get some money from royalties, but I was high on the bargain and not really thinking clearly. Sometimes I am a shithead.

I also bought some cool letterpress cards on sale at Anthropologie. They were 50% off! Woohoo, I loves the cheap stuff. Actually, 5 cards for ten bucks is not cheap, but the cards are handmade and very pretty, and I figure it’s good karma to support the graphic designer who created them. The best part of the transaction happened at the register as I was signing the receipt. The cashier asked me and Terence if we were looking forward to the July 4th holiday, and Terence replied, “I’m going to drink all weekend and set things on fire! Yeaaaaaaah!” The cashier looked very confused.

7:21 p.m. - 2002-07-02



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