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Easy Action!

Alright Paris Party People!

The Beachwood Sparks are playing at the Guinguette Pirate on August 14th, at 8 pm. It costs 6 euros which is pretty damn cheap. I donít think you can take in The Beachwood Sparks for that price anywhere in California (I was going to say ďin the USĒ but Iíve decided that California has actually very little to do with the rest of the country so Iím going to start making statements as though California were its own country.) Anyway, go see them. Itís a bargain at twice the price. The music is a riff on 60s psychedelia with the odd (and unfortunate in my opinion) foray into Grateful Dead meanderings. If the stoner vibe doesnít bother you then youíll really, really like them.

The other day when I was out with the bride and bridesmaids looking for shoes to match the dresses, we had to try on some little off-white strappy sandals. I was just giggling about the shoes. I never wear shoes like that. Yeah, I wear heels from time to time, and their heights vary from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches, but I never wear little sandally things. While trying on the wedding shoes, I said, ďItís so weird having these on my feet. I donít have anything like this in my closet. You canít run away from an attacker in these.Ē

This, of course, elicited all sorts of gentle twitter from the ladies, but truly, the running away from the attackers is a very real selling point to me. Iíve never had to actually run away from an attacker in my adult life so itís probably a cuckoo paranoia, but I donít really enjoy feeling that I am at a disadvantage should I need to run or jump. I do like wearing the girly, frou-frou shoes, but I save those for when Iím in a big group (less likely to be attacked as part of big group) or when Iím with Terence (less likely to be attacked when accompanied by guy.)

Iím not completely insane. I know that part of this needing to have the ability to flee has to do with having lived in cities with the everpresent sketchy element. Also, this driving everywhere thing is new for me; Iíve always walked or taken busses or the mťtro or cabs. When I rode a scooter, I always wore boots in case I got into a scrape or accident. Iíve always had to have footwear that didnít make me late, or was suitable for sprinting after a bus or walking up and down hills (try walking down Castro in 3 inch heels... 10 bucks says youíll slip and slide your way to the intersection at 19th Street.)

I was recounting all of this to Terence, and he said that he thinks the main reason I donít own any clickety clackety shoes is that I am all about Action. And someone whoís all about Action cannot be hampered by little sandally things that hobble speed, efficiency and usefulness. He pretty much hit the nail on the head.

I am Action! See me organize my desk with furious efficiency! Watch me literally run errands!

The cool bonus of this new appellation is that there's a Jet in "West Side Story" named Action, and I love that musical.

11:41 a.m. - 2002-08-01



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