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This is the boot I must own this Fall, and the store in San Francisco didn't order any pairs in my size! I am so bitter and irritated about this. Now I have to call the SF store and have them call the NY store to inquire about this model in a 35. If I still lived on rue Madame, I could saunter over to IRIS on rue de Grenelle and just try them on, buy them and be done with it. But here, nobody gives a good goddamn about small women's needs.


If I worked in high-end retail, you can bet I would have a database filled with my best customers' sizes and birthdays. This is how you ensure repeat business, how you maintain good client relationships, and guarantee yourself a healthy commission.

But enough about that. Since I am broke, I gave myself a wax with Terence's help. I trust him completely but forgot a cardinal thing which is this: men do not regularly go have their hairs ripped out by the roots so they scare easily. I had to explain that yanking the muslin strip with conviction hurts less than gingerly pulling on it. Thankfully, my thighs are not overly hirsute and the process went quickly. The bikini line was another matter entirely, and suffice it to say, I will be wearing little boy short bottoms.

Lanai minus 2.

Warm ocean water and tropical fishies, here I come!

9:37 a.m. - 2002-08-06



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