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Hare hare

I indulged and bought a copy of Numťro, my fave French fashion magazine. It came with a Chanel cd, a conversation between Marc Jacobs and Kim Gordon, and the sad news that Mathieu Kassovitz is not only married, but has children. Damn.

Iíve been investigating yoga Teacher Trainings around the country, and I think Iíve settled on one in New York City that happens in January of 2003. Itís a three month thing with intensive practice, meditation and philosophy, and so far the program seems the most all-encompassing of the ones Iíve researched. If anyone out there has taken classes at Virayoga, I would love to hear about your experiences at the school! This is where the Training takes place. I havenít committed any money to this idea, but I have sent off an email requesting additional information. Everything about that program excites me. Thereís a Training at the school here where I work, and I suppose that in a pinch, that would be fine, but I really want my experience to be transformative and amazing and eye-opening and exhilirating.

Somebody needs to manage her expectations.

Eventhough Terence is not currently working, he says he will support me during Training time. Actually, I should mention that if things went the Terence way, he would support me all the time (not just when I wasnít able to work.) He feels pretty strongly about his duty to provide, and itís not weird or macho when you talk to him about it. Itís like heís from another, more gallant era. In fact, when my older sister first met Terence, she said, ďYou know how some people have an Inner Child? Well, I think Terence has an Inner Old ManĒ and itís very true. He has all the virtues of a contemporary, evolved man but with the cute, old timey solicitousness and manners.

So, if I do go to New York to train, I will be a Kept Woman. Yay! Iíll do some freelance work if it comes my way, but the goal is to immerse myself completely. Thatís the plan for now at least.

So since I was in research mode, looking into other yoga schools in Manhattan, I was checking prices, teachers and schedules, and what should I come across but a name from my past. So strange! An old friend from my teenage years at the Academy of Ballet in San Francisco is now a Buddhist and yoga teacher at Om. I guess sheís gone from dance to yoga... sound familiar? Iím debating whether or not to try and contact her; Terence and Hilary both think itís natural to want to, and that it wouldnít be at all stalker-y to do so. Iím still on the fence.

So today Iím off to Govindaís (the store/restaurant/temple run by Hare Krishnas) and the Bodhi Tree for design snooping. Then I have to drop off some transparencies, pick up some film, and go to class at 5:45. This is the first Saturday in a while where I havenít had to work the front desk at the yoga studio, and it was reallllllly nice sleeping in today.

10:23 a.m. - 2002-08-24



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