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Hands off, he's miiiine!

Remember how sad I was when I discovered that Mathieu Kassovitz had a wife and a kid, and lived a cozy life in Paris? Without me?

Well in today's New York Times there is an article devoted to him and his sexy Frenchness because he is going to be the face of Miracle for Men, Lancome's new fragrance for men.

Here he is

Gentry once observed that Mathieu Kassovitz looks like all French guys, and in a way, it's true. He's scruffy, his face is asymmetrical with a non-Hollywood nose and he's not especially tall. If you think he's attractive, go to Paris. There are a ton of lookalikes.

I'm off to the Farmer's Market on Melrose Place. Ah yes, a far cry from Alison and Amanda and Billy's hijinks.

9:21 a.m. - 2002-09-22



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