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Flyin' high on my first coffee

Before I recap Friday and Saturday events, I have this to tantalize you with:

Tired of Korn?

Tired of Slipknot?

Tired of Creed?

Tired of people making fun of your sensitive emo ass?

Get thee to this site and crack some skulls!!!


I died about a thousand emo deaths (and cried about it, naturally) but I got to kill a bunch of TRL girls and storm through a high school turning the football team into heaps of bloody bones. I still have not rescued the Get Up Kids, but I plan to wage a heroic battle for their freedom this afternoon.


The Gary Baseman opening was pretty nifty. It was at Wacko, a wacko store in Los Feliz that sells soap (it's a soap plant) and books and posters and collectibles and knick knacks. They have a gallery in the back, and it was crowded as hell. The show was called "I am your piņata" and most of the paintings featured piņatas that were being eviscerated by sticks, or piņatas with skeletons and entrails falling out. Disturbing, but also interesting--does a piņata have a soul? What does it mean to whack something to death with a stick, for candy and other prizes?

Anyway, there were two Baseman piņatas, and one was ceremoniously broken up by some nutty revelers. I was very impressed with their proper piņata technique: blindfold the person, spin them around, hand them the stick, point them in the direction of the piņata, and GO! Smash it up! Smash it up! Smash it up!

When the piņata finally broke open, I did exactly as I did as a kid, and threw caution to the wind, diving down between people to get at the treats and guess what I got? A cigarette butt! That's right, in the moonlight, the butt looked like bubblegum, and by the time the disappointment registered on my face, I realized there was absolutely no candy left on the ground. Waahhhh.

Fortunately, a restorative cocktail at Michael's Room did the trick to lift my temporary depression.

Last night, I ventured back out to the eastside to see a show at Spaceland. I was supposed to see The Minders and Of Montreal, but The Minders were a no-show due to van trouble. The good news is that I actually got to see the first band (I always miss the first band. Always. It's not really intentional, it's just, I don't know why, I just do.) And the first band was really good! They are called Let's Go Sailing and it's two people from Irving. They have a keyboard (my favorite) and a viola! Yay! Go see them if they play in your town. I got a $3 demo cd and let me tell you, it's a bargain at twice the price.

9:50 a.m. - 2002-10-06



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