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The Pointer Sisters can still kiss my ass

I sent out an email to my sisters a while back, "I'm sorry to do this again, but I've already got plans for Saturday during the day! The friends we're supposed to see are actually in France right now; when they get back, I'll check to see if we can reschedule with them to have a Sat.brunch for our mother.Ē

That was my olive branch. I figured itís dumb to just announce that you canít do something; you should try to come up with a potential solution. I then made the mistake of mentioning that my time in SF was limited, that each day was accounted for with activities and other people. The goal was to let them know that Iíve been planning this trip for a while, and that I thought we all were ok with dinner at my parentsí house on Saturday night.

It was a mistake to assert myself in the form of my schedule because my two sisters are some of the most self-involved people I know. Deep down, I knew I would just be causing trouble because there was no way in hell that either one of them would make a time sacrifice for me. I got kinda riled up (which has been happening a lot lately, and it could be that I havenít gotten my period in over a month! And no, Iím not pregnant.)

Anyway, things always must go my sistersí way. Itís maddening. For most of my life Iíve just stepped back and let them have the floor and do what they want. Itís simply too exhausting having arguments with them and enduring the silent treatment, or worse yet, knowing that the two are allied against you. Time usually solves all of this petty crap, right? So I usually just hang back and let water go under the proverbial bridge.

No disrespect to the Capricorn ladies out there, but honest to god, you fucking women are insane! Both of my sisters are Capricorns, and they are totally impossible. Iíve checked with other non-Capricorn women and have found that there are a lot of us who do not get along with that particular sign of the zodiac. I know itís probably coincidental, but at this point in my life, what should I believe? Well for one, I should believe that this goes along perfectly with my theory that my Lesson in Life is to learn Patience, and how better to do this than by being related to two utterly crackers women who test my resolve at every turn!

I am hoping that my friends will come back from France and be fine with re-arranging our play date. Then I can just email both harpies and have this whole thing be over.

: and later that day :

I got a haircut! I found a picture in a magazine, and it was, like, the only photo of someone with curly hair. So I just Xactoíed it out, and took it with me to Rudyís, a supercheap place in Los Feliz. While I was being shorn, I noticed a photo of one of the Ladytron ladies, and I exclaimed that thatís one way Iíd like my hair to be, and the hairdresser said, ďI love that haircut! It would look cute on you but would require styling products, but itís not entirely un-doable. How Ďbout next time?Ē How Ďbout, ďAre you my new best friend? Can I marry you?Ē So now I have a chin length bob with layers, and I feel a thousand pounds lighter, and apparently I look like a teenager.

And I just found out that my friend Hilary has an extra ticket to see Bright Eyes tonight, so guess whoís going to show off her new hair do? Yay! Me!

5:16 p.m. - 2002-10-10



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