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Short circuitry

Putain de merde! I am sick of being sick. At this moment in time, it is entirely my fault that I have not recovered from this pesky cold. I havenít really rested, nor taken it easy, nor spent the required amount of time supine, under covers with hot beverages and magazines. Today I realized that aspirin and echinacea are not enoughóI need to take it easy. To that end, I took myself to bed for a nap, and thatís when the dj decided to play Social Distortion, New Order, Madness and Black Flag, and well, of course, I couldnít sleep. How can you sleep when one room in your house is in full 80s flashback?

Didnít think so.

Up I got.

Into the kitchen I proceeded.

Made myself a cup of tea, wrapped a scarf about me, and plopped down to do some work.

Then because the sickness is turning me into the worst kind of procrastinator, I made a coffee cake instead of making progress on a project. The cake is almost done, and the house smells delicious and cinnamony. Cooking is going to cure me.

As a result of too much caffeine and a weird diet of crackers and fruit (I havenít had an appetite for a few days,) here is how my mind is drifting along, sans moorings:

Question: Am I the only person who thinks itís a bit strange that our government both subsidizes tobacco farms *and* creates ads to dissuade smoking? This has nothing to do with anything, itís just something that occurred to me while I was reading the paper.

Question: Is Chloe Sevigny relevant? Does anyone care?

Question: How am I going to afford a new LV watch?

Question: Can I write off the purchase of an original piece of comic art?

Question: Why, God, couldnít the Giants have won the World Series?

Answer: Because the team couldnít capitalize on their puny, early lead, and they were defenseless before better pitching. My friend Kirk was the biggest drama queen about their loss: "Iím almost 40 years old! When are they going to win a World Series title? I need a victory before I die!" Yeah, like the players arenít feeling the exact same wayÖ

Question: Since when does the holiday catalog barrage begin before Halloween? I am receiving so many catalogs right now, itís an insane waste of paper. When I was in San Francisco last time, the huge Pottery Barn at the corner of Castro and Market already had Christmas decorations in its display windows! If I weren't already boycotting that temple of mediocrity, I would do so now just based on their window work. Whatever happened to waiting until after Thanksgiving? It's only a matter of time before Christmas becomes a year-round festival for hideous consumption and overindulgence.

Cake is done!

5:56 p.m. - 2002-10-28



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