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The virtues of breakfast

It’s raining outside and hard for me to get motivated to leave the house. All I feel like doing is making tea or soup or reading “The Corrections,” this month’s book club selection.

Terence took the car to Marina del Rey for a $75 focus group. The timing (of the $75 cash) couldn’t be better as 1) Douglas is in town this weekend and we can now go out with him and eat and have fun like humans, and 2) tomorrow is the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market. Many opportunities to kiss that money goodbye, especially if I suggest we go to Marston’s before the flea market for breakfast. Man, that place has the best battered-and-cornflake-dipped french toast on the planet! I know it sounds crazy, but smothered in butter and syrup that french toast is just about the best way to celebrate the morning (besides a steamy cappuccino, or hot sex.) It’s really one of the only highlights of Pasadena for me. Besides our friend Tracy who lives and goes to school there.

Hilary just called, and I now have a café date in an hour. That’s a good thing to do when it’s raining. I’m going to bring some of my 1950s cookbooks with me to see if there are any funny or interesting recipes for Thanksgiving. I’m certain the recipes will be more ‘funny’ than ‘interesting’ as most of the ingredients lists are comprised of tinned or packeted items. Canned yams with marshmallow topping! Green Goddess Salad (i.e. lime jell-o with canned pears and cream cheese)! Hilary suggested we have cranberries-in-a-can for Thanksgiving, the kind that sort of slides out of the can and that you slice up, but I’m far too much of a snob to eat those. I can appreciate the kitsch value of certain foods, but my palette will not allow me to enjoy them if I know that with a little bit of effort I can prepare something way, way better from scratch. And I just so happen to have a delicious recipe for cranberries, and I always make extra because the stuff is mind-bogglingly yummy on toast the next day.

In case you haven’t already figured it out, breakfast is my favorite meal. You can have sweet *and* savory, and if you can’t ever make up your mind about eggs or pancakes, you can have both and no one looks at you like you’re some kind of hideous goinfre or piglet.

I hope the manager is working at the café today. He always sports us free stuff. Last week, he supersized all of our drinks, and gave us free sandwiches. Another time, he punched a ton of holes in our frequent coffee cards for no apparent reason, and gave us gigantic slices of cake. He knows how to keep his customers happy.

Ok I’m boring and I need to moisturize and apply concealer before I head out. Never know who’s going to be at the café. I could be discovered at any moment!

12:30 p.m. - 2002-11-09



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