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Computer virus

Iíve no doubt mentioned this many times, but Terence has had a hell of a time finding work. Heís sent rťsumťs, letters, pdf samples and little mini portfolios all over the globe, only to garner interest from places about which heís lukewarm.

Murphyís Law.

Heís made it to the second interview at the Korean company, and if he agrees, he will be flown to Seoul for three days in early December for additional interviews, tours of facilities, meetings with other designers, etc.

As soon as he got the email yesterday, he jumped away from his computer, and screamed ďOh shit!Ē I guess he didnít expect to make it to the second round.

Heís also the recipient of interest from a California-based Taiwanese company, and a Dutch company. Of course, I would rather go to Europe, and so would he, but he feels heís got to put the work-karma ball into play. Terence talked to a friend of ours yesterday, a friend who flies frequently to Asia on business, and he asked about whether or not itís bad to go to Seoul for the interview even if heís not sure about the job, and our friend said, ďHell yeah! Do you know how many fuckers we fly out from Asia for interviews, and they never come back? Itís standard procedure. Donít feel weird about it.Ē

This is indeed a Development in our plodding and predictable life. While I donít like the idea of Terence going away for a job that may or may not advance his career, and Iím not sure I will want to follow him to corporate housing in Seoul, I have to be supportive. My main concern is that I donít want him to take a job out of desperation; I want him to be sure that the job will be interesting, creative, challenging, and rewarding. We can work out the details later.

Terence is using counter-intelligence to persuade me that Korea would not be so bad.

1) Housing is free so we can save tons of money and pay off our debts

2) Once the debts are paid off, we can start seriously saving money for a down-payment on an apartment in Paris

3) Fuck it, letís save enough for two Parisian apartments, and rent one to dumb Americans and never work again!

4) He will take me shopping and buy me whatever I want: jewelry at Cartier, clothes at Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Marc Jacobs

5) Vacations to locales Iíve always wanted to visit: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, HongKong

The promise of luxury getaways and clothing is not empty. Whenever Terence has had money, he has spoiled me with insane gifts that totally surprised me; I whined for years about needing a black cardigan, and one Christmas, there was a cashmere one from Tse waiting for me under the tree. There are many instances like this in our funny history together.

Anyway, Iíve got to get the laundry together. I know, so glamorous!

8:34 a.m. - 2002-11-12



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