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Tahiti Quatre-Vingt

Once again: rock neck. This time courtesy of Tahiti 80. Man, I love that band. This time around they rounded out their sound with 2 more people, and it was really, really great. I had a good spot (and I didnít have to tap any monoliths on the shoulder to get out of my way!) and could even hear their in-between song French banter.

My only boeuf was the price of the new cd: $15. Iím sorry, what did you say? Fifteen? At the show? Thatís sheer insanity in my book. At the most Iíll pay $12 for a cd at a show, but for $15 or possibly even less than $15, I can trot over to The Blob aka Amoeba Records and just buy it like a regular non-fan. And I would like to mention that I paid $15 to get in. Canít my loyalty be rewarded with the Nice Price? What is up with that? One time at an Apples In Stereo show all I had was 8 bucks and the guy at the merch table wouldnít sell me their newest EP. I was bummed out, but frankly $10 for an EP? Thatís less material than on an LP, so why not give me a break? Theyíre touring by the way, The Apples, and theyíll be in Los Angeles with Dressy Bessy and Oranger, one of my most favorite San Francisco bands. Yay for music and fun in December.

Anyway. Enough about that.

Iíve got to stop here and go put a shopping list together for the groceries. I need to go over my Thanksgiving recipes and figure out what I can buy this week so that I can totally and completely avoid supermarkets next week.

10:08 a.m. - 2002-11-21



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