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the hard knock life

I am the working poor in a couture coat, a coat that I have not been able to wear because the weather has been in the mid-80s lately. I could better fill the role of a destitute woman if it were cold out, and I were forced to huddle in my apartment in woolens and bum-gloves.

A potential client sent me an email on Friday night requesting a quote for an invitation. This client wants to mail out the printed invitations the week of January 13th, which leaves only 3 days for design. Printing takes 5 days people! One day to get a proof and film, one day for press, a few days for drying especially if the paper is uncoated and the ink contains Reflex Blue, a day in bindery, and a day to collate.

Everybody always leaves the design til the last minute.

Fortunately for me, Ive got a print broker who thrives on last minute stuff, and can crank anything out. Im not good under pressure but I admit to enjoying those projects that begin and end in two weeks. It just means I get paid faster. And, more importantly, that I get to charge 50% extra as a rush fee.

Maybe Monday Ill have a new project to work on...

A miracle occurred yesterday. A friend sent us a check for $100 out of the clear blue. She enclosed a note that said something like go enjoy a nice meal on me. This is her way of thanking us for having been so supportive while she was unemployed. Now that she just got a job, shes anxious to return favors and show people gratitude. How insane is that? The money will naturally go to paying a few bills, and when we once again have spare cash, we will indeed go to a nice restaurant.

Ive got to jump in the shower and get ready for my fascinating day of 1) going to a print service bureau to look at samples and get prices, 2) go to the library to do some research and check out books, and finally 3) return some videos.

11:16 a.m. - 2003-01-05



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