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Refractions in the plastic pulse

: pop culture poop :

I’m probably stating the obvious here but Avril Lavigne bugs. Here’s the latest reason: over the holidays, I heard her on tv telling a journalist that she dresses herself, and has her own unique way of putting things together. No one tells Avril what to wear and it’s certainly no premeditated Christina/Britney backlash. Then I pick up an issue of The Hollywood Reporter, and there, in black and white, is an interview with her stylist.


: new words :

I’m back to my regular yoga practice and it’s a good thing too because I ate way too much over the holidays. I am beginning to feel normal. Plus it’s nice to eat everything and not care a whit about fatness. I even wore my new low-rise jeans the other night, and felt pretty cute. Terence has taken to calling them my “slut pants” eventhough they are so NOT trampy pants. Actually, “trampy pants” is lovely and I’m going to start inserting it into conversation now. I invented another word the other day, but that was the result of a typing error. Instead of typing “miracle,” I typed “mirable” and that, too, is a good one.

mirable: something easy on the eyes, as in “That Tobey Maguire sure is mirable in his tight, Spiderman outfit.”

Did I mention that there are t-shirts appearing that say “Fuck Yoga”? God, I love that.

: small victories :

Yesterday, I paid two bills! We shopped at Trader Joe’s and the organic farmer’s market and had $2 left over from the $20 withdrawal! So what if we can’t afford the cheese for our new fondue pot? We bought a tiny little chicken that Terence will perhaps grill in his new pan.

: compliments :

One of Harriet’s workmates told her that he really liked us (me and Terence ) and that he felt like we are wholly unique and seem untouched by the world around us. By that he meant that we seem unaffected by trends, Hollywood hoopla, by Los Angeles, by contemporary culture. Of course, Terence said, “We’re martians wherever we are. That’s why!” Since this was all reported to me second hand, I think I’ll take the compliment. At least, I think it was meant to be complimentary.

: deep thought for 2003 :

The funny thing is that Terence and I have always felt the wave crashing ahead of us. We never seem to be part of the zeitgest; we are always observing it from a ways back. For a while, this latency depressed me; I always felt like I was not hip enough to be a part of the action, the trends, the new, the cool. Like there was a lag, and that maybe, if I were in a different time/space zone, I could participate.

I see now is that though there are a lot of people surfing the wave in front of me, I have my eye on the next set.

: it’s Sharkey’s day :

I am just remembering one of my favorite Humanities’ teachers. His name was Pete Sharkey, and he talked a lot about teleology. Teleology assumes that natural processes are not determined by mechanism, but rather by their utility in an overall natural design. One day in class, Professor. Sharkey talked about his experiences with teleology. When he was getting his doctorate, he decided to get rid of his watch. He no longer wanted to be determined by mechanism. He followed his personal teleology instead, and evidently, was never late for class, or for anything else.

I am hoping that this explains ALL of the above.

11:44 a.m. - 2003-01-07



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