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A new poverty low-point: dreaming of food

I forgot to mention that I had a crazy nightmare right before I woke up.

In it, Terence, Montana and I were having dinner at Asia de Cuba. I've never been there before in real life; I've only heard about it from friends. And obviously, I must secretly desire to eat there. (It's insanely expensive, super swanky with yummy, Chino/Latino food... in other words, right up my alley.)

Anyway, we are sitting down, looking over the menus, deciding what to order, when a waiter walks over, leans in close to Terence and says:

"I'm sorry, Sir, but seeing as how your credit limit is very small, I recommend you focus your attention on the less expensive appetizers section of the menu."

I was mortified. And then I woke up and was immediately in a crabby mood because I hadn't even had the oppotunity to fake-taste the most talked-about thing on the menu: fried rice with plantains and guacamole.

How pathetic is that?

4:16 p.m. - 2003-01-09



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