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This Girl Friday

Last night, Terence came home a beaten shell of himself. He was filthydisgusting (actual DIRT came tumbling out of his pant cuff! He had to throw his socks away they were so sickeningly gross!) and his left eye was red and swollen. He showed me the palm of his right hand, which had a huge slash on it with weird little droplets of goo.

Me: “What’s that goo on there?”

Him: “Krazy Glue.”

Terence says he was the smallest guy on the team, a good 6 inches shorter and 35 pounds lighter than everyone else. At lunch, he was the only one with one single plate of food. The other dudes each had two plates, piled high with meats and starches. So eventhough Terence left the house without sunscreen (a capital offense in my book) at least I can count on him to eat like a civilized human being.

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When I lived in the dorms at Cal (yes, I actually went to school in Berkeley for a bit,) I could never understand the guys who would fill up two plates at a time in the dining commons. Were they worried there was going to be some kind of famine? Were they concerned that the supply of bad food would somehow mysteriously dry up? I’m sure this won’t surprise anyone when I say that I’ve always found this behavior distasteful and déclassé. And it goes without saying that I never dated or had sex with anyone from that place during that period in my life. Some eating habits are highly unsexy.

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Anyway, today Terence can barely walk. He calls this the afterburn from his “blue collar workout.” His eye is back to normal and he’ll probably be able to lace his own shoes tomorrow.

Tonight I am going to a birthday cocktail party! Since we’re broke, and I hate showing up empty-handed, I made some ginger-spiced pecans and almonds. These taste reall yummy with strong drinks. I thought about bringing our lone bottle of unopened tonic since no one ever has enough tonic at parties, but without booze or limes, that seems like a strange offering.

I think I will wear my trampypants and my new red lipstick. If I look smashing enough, no one will notice that I didn't bring a gift.

5:52 p.m. - 2003-01-10



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