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Revelations for 2003

Iím very busy for a virtually unemployed person.

Iíve got an electronic flyer to design for The Rock Star, a logo to refine for another would-be Star, a poster to start conceptualizing on (Iíve got the lo-res images but no copy,) and my own website to work on. I am also waiting for Mister Bingo to send me some Quark files to review, and for the publishers to send me 2nd galleys for corrections.

In the meantime, I have sent some samples to a recruiter, been rejected for two new projects (I say ďrejectĒ which is actually incorrect since neither of the clients ever called me back to officially unsolicit my services) and considered selling one of my prized Marc Jacobsí items on EBAY.

I should state for the record that Terence does not want me to sell anything of value on EBAY or anywhere else. Once the itemís gone, he says, itís gone forever and itíll be a) impossible or b) very expensive to get it back if I have regrets later on. Itís hard to argue with that logic. So for the time being, I wonít be auctioning anything off.

If, however, there is someone out there with Fall 2000 Marc Jacobs handbags for trade, please inquire within. The older bags have cotton faille lining which I prefer to the current suede; itís easier to fish around for lipstick and such when the lining is slippery. Suede is nice, and raises the price quite a bit, but itís simply not as user friendly.

Let me now complain about David Yurman jewelry. It is hideous and bourgeois. I donít have trouble understanding why heís so popular, but I resoundingly renounce his work. Other so-called artists + designers + mediahogs whose oeuvre will be rejected by me in 2003:

1. Shepard Fairey. Enough already! Give copycats something new to plagiarize.

2. All illustrators now referred to as ďlow-brow artists.Ē I love this type of work but letís call it what it is: illustration. The new appellation is pretentious and irritating.

3. Nic Harcourt. Crikey, he bugs.

4. Ross Lovegrove. Talk about big, fat copycats! Sheesh.

5. Coldplay. I donít care if the lead singer is dating Gwyneth; his band is boring.

Thatís it for now.

11:38 a.m. - 2003-01-14



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