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J'ai un torticolis

I have such a tight neck right now. I think I slept on it wrong and am just exacerbating the pain by sitting in front of this monitor.

I was zooming in and out at one point, trying to align things, and Terence totally made fun of me, describing my effort as “turtle necking into the screen.” It pissed me off but made me laugh anyway. I need to raise my monitor with some spare phone books.

Did I mention that Mr Bingo has joined the Rue-Madame Friend Hall Of Fame? Not only did he send me a present for helping him with his project, but he also sent a check for 100 smackeroos! How rad is that? The present is the International Design Yearbook 14, edited by my and Terence’s favorite designer, Jasper Morrison. The dough went straight into the checking account and we will splurge at a later date.

I saw a sticker the other day that imitated the “Skateboarding is not a crime” one and said, “mp3s are not a crime.” I agree that mp3s are not a crime; a file format is not inherently criminal. However, stealing is a crime, and downloading mp3s without paying for them is indeed a crime.

I don’t understand kids these days. If you want it, buy it.

On a related note, I got a hilarious bit of spam the other day, about how kids these days have things so easy compared to when we were kids. I mean, if you wanted music for free back in the day, you’d have to a) go to a record and shoplift, or b) try to tape music off the radio and that hardly ever worked because the dj would usually talk over the songs and fuck it all up. I totally remember doing that. The rest of the spam goes on and on about the internet, call waiting and atari. Hilarious.

I just saw my dream shoes in a magazine. My pusher at the Marc Jacobs store supposedly ordered those exact Spring 2003 shoes in my size. What color? I have no idea. I think the style I want only comes in candy colors so does it matter? Not really. Will I have the money when they come in? Probably not. He is supposed to call me when they come in. I hope he remembered that I didn’t want the impossible 4-inch heel. And that I am a 35, and not a 35.5. That half makes all the difference.

I need another coffee before I fall asleep on my keyboard.

6:48 p.m. - 2003-01-21



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