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And all I wanted was a word, or a photograph to keep

Ok, so my pledge to wake up everyday at 7:30 has not really worked out, however I have become far more productive in the morning hours (setting aside �fuck-off� time for the afternoons.)

Last night I went to a show at The Derby. The Rock Star was performing, this time with another musician on keyboards + guitars. She sounded great, the sound was fuller, the songs more layered. I can�t wait for her cd to be finished because it is going to be superduper. The Derby is strange because it�s a giant dome that�s been split in half--one half is the bar/club, the other is a franchise-y Louise�s Trattoria. Very odd.

I think I saw Julianne Moore with baby in the window of Louise�s. I could be wrong. Could have been another attractive redhead.

After the show, we tried to go to the 101 (the cafe at the former location of the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop--you know, the diner that Vince Vaughn brutalizes in �Swingers�) and ended up driving around in circles looking for parking. It was like being in SF again! We spent so long searching for a spot that we gave up, using the mobile phone to call everyone to inform them of our loss of resolve. Fortunately, we ran into Harriet near Argyle and double-parked, side-by-side, and talked out the window and on the phone. That was my Los Angeles night.

So I slept in because I didn�t get to bed until midnight. And I woke up from the second greatest dream in recent history! (The first being my date with fake boyfriend Bertrand Burgalat.)

Ok, so, in this dream, I was in a Mini Cooper with Michael Caine! The 1960s Michael Caine of �The Italian Job� and �Alfie.� It was fantastic! We were zipping around London, very late at night (4 in the morning maybe?) and he was wearing a purple shirt and a bright green tweed jacket and he looked AMAZING.

Think this but in color.

See? He�s incredibly dashing and seductive.

While he was maneuvering the car around these sharp turns, I noticed that we had the same rings on: a Claddagh and a silver ring made from an American coin (mine: a dime; his: a quarter.) I was all excited about this revelation because it meant:

a) he was perfect for me! Michael Caine and Rue-Madame sitting in a tree!


b) I could turn this into a Lucid dream!

They say that if you can look at your hands in a dream, then you can sort of control what happens in the dream. That�s what Lucid Dreaming is. I�ve been attempting to do that for years, and this is the first time I actually looked at my hands. But it had no effect whatsoever, sadly. Instead, with my eyes focused on our hands, the randy Michael Caine of my dream decided to put his right hand down my pants! So I had to steer the wheel of the Mini! I hardly ever have sexy dreams, and this one was a teensy bit sexy I must say. And I just now noticed that the Mini was not right-hand drive. That makes no sense, but, well, the dream really makes no sense either.

Oh well.

I woke up before anything truly scandalous could happen. Maybe I can conjure him on another night?

Anyway, I have a ton to do and need to get a move on.

9:11 a.m. - 2003-01-24



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