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Where there is intention, there is transformation

I worked at the yoga studio again yesterday. This time I labored alongside an honest-to-god anorexic. In clingy yoga clothes. Not a good look.

I have a client who is trying to weasel out of paying me. I donít want to go into great detail right now so all I will say on the matter is this: thank god I save every single business-related email. Iíve got a paper trail that will make this clientís life hell in small claims court if it gets to that point. I really donít want to have to get litigious on their asses, but frankly I will if they donít pay up.

Aaahhh, the life of the self-employed. Lovely, huh?

Terence is looking forward to legal action. Heíd like nothing more than to design a bunch of giant diagrams for presentation to the judge, diagrams which would explain all the ways Iíve gone above and beyond, etc.

I actually had an internship where I got to witness first-hand the ways in which designers have an advantage in court. The principal of this design consultancy was a terrible driver and would routinely get into scrapes on his way to work. He would always fight the tickets in court, and would spend days at the office designing and printing out gorgeous (and gorgeously fallacious) crime scene diagrams. He would then take these boards to court and basically make a pitch to the judge. He always, always got off. Of course, it helped that the cops whoíd pulled him over would never show up (hey, theyíve got real work to do!) but the principal used his design skills for maximum impact.

Thank god he never asked me to help him out with those boards. As it was, I was the staff idea hamster and I was very bitter about it. I sat at a desk all day, conceptualizing on projects I never actually got to work on. All of my little tracing paper thumbnails and sketches would get distributed to the other designers, and I would be stuck doing paste-up or cleaning the wax machine.

Aaahhh, the life of the student intern. Lovely, huh?

If it werenít for yoga, Iíd be in a padded room. In class today we did split handstands. The prep: you stand away from the wall and put one leg up and straighten it. This is to determine how far away from the wall your hands should go. If itís comfortable, you lower your leg and place your hands exactly where your standing leg was. When you kick up, youíre at a safe distance from the wall. Of course, the minute youíre upside down, you realize that the wall is kind of far away, so you have to have faith and let your legs drop back til they hit. After that, itís just a matter of splitting your legs, and lowering the front one til the back one naturally comes away from the wall. Itís fun but really hard because you have to focus on maintaining balance and core-strength. Not only that, you have to balance in the split and try to bring the front leg up to meet the back one, then scissor the other way, all the while trying not to touch the wall. Itís fricking gnarly.

Sometimes class is a chore. I have to force myself to walk to the studio. And the whole time Iím heading up there, Iím considering excuses for turning around and going back home. I just know that once I get to class, take off my shoes and roll out my mat, things will be fine. Finding the motivation to practice is sometimes more challenging than the actual practice, and thatís what I remind myself of when Iím trudging up my street.

Sort of like my life right now.

Oh my god, I've turned into the tag on my Yogi Tea. I need to get out of Los Angeles! it's turning me into a new age freak!

4:13 p.m. - 2003-01-30



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