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Busy, busy, busy clippers

Heavy metal pyrotechnics started a fire that killed 85 people in a club in Rhode Island.

Two words: indoor fireworks.

Those two things donít go together, people--unless youíre Elvis Costello and youíre being metaphoric.

Letís perpetuate the ďmythĒ that heavy metal music is stupid and that the people who listen to it are dumb.

"Heavy Metal Parking Lot." Need I say more?

Work is on the horizon... My book cover meeting today just got rescheduled for Monday. Thatís fine; everything is printed out (four ideas, each one illustrated with one color version and 2 black-and-white ones.) This morning, I got an email from my Favorite Client about designing either a t-shirt or a tote bag so that will keep me busy throughout next week. And Iíve also got Mr Bingoís book project to return to--an entire section needs my eyeballs and Iím going to devote some time to that this weekend.

I donít know where this sudden flurry of activity came from, but Iím happy about it. I need the work cause I need the money. The advantage of working on quick-turnaround projects is that the projects end quickly and you get paid quickly; the disadvantage of the speed is the physical + mental exhaustion.

I was going to indulge in a matinťe today since I unexpectedly got some respite from my work, but I am going to help TA instead. Heís been such a great resource the last few days--scanning things, editing and colorizing them in Photoshop, critiquing and improving my work--that I feel I owe it to assist him in his job search. Heís put off sending cvís and letters to help me get these book covers off the ground.

I have two credit flights with JetBlue that will expire in May sometime so Iím trying to come up with a cheapo little vacation. I know itís ridiculous for me to go on a vacation since I havenít got two nickels to rub together, but the flights are already paid for and I donít use them, theyíll--poof!--vanish. Cities Iím considering: Washington DC and New York. Now I just need to uncover some decent hotels. Any reasonable recommendations?

2:19 p.m. - 2003-02-21



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