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Schmoozin' with the homies

I went to a free screening of a movie that will probably never be released.

The screening was sponsored by Panavision, the company that manufactures movie cameras. It was really, really cool. On display at their offices, they had the exact camera used for Lawrence of Arabia in 1962, and the contraption was a marvel to behold. Some guy who works there said that they have behind-the-scenes footage of that same camera being transported and moved about in the desert during filming of that picture.

I just called a movie a ďpicture.Ē I feel so olde timey.

Another cool thing about the Panavision offices is that they have the second largest collection in the world (second to the Met) of George Hurrellís photographs of film stars. Lining the walls were giant, amazing portraits of Gene Tierney, Rita Hayworth, Lionel Barrymore, Errol Flynn... the pictures were stunning. Everyoneís skin glowed. Itís incredible what good lighting can do. Herb Ritts believed in one, giant, soft spot, while Hurrell regularly used two to three spots for his subjects.

Bonus: I also got to see an actual Academy Award close up. Pretty nifty.

The screening was put together by the Director of Photography (DP in industryspeak) and he was a very modest, friendly and seemingly unpretentious guy. A guy who has, I found out later, worked with David Lynch, Johnnie Depp, and other crazy stars. And he was so normal and nice. Sometimes you forget that the people who make the films you see in theaters--not the actors who suck up the limelight--are really talented artists, conjurers and technicians who make movie magic.

Another only-in-Los-Angeles sort of evening.

Today was a frantic whirlwind of designing for one client, getting a call, stopping, working on another project, fielding some emails, stopping, starting again, turning things into jpegs, making mistakes, turning things into pdfs, changing a color, closing a file, opening a file, type defaulting, reloading type, grrr... meanwhile, Terence was furiously putting together samples for some headhunter in New York, who kept calling and sweating him for additional samples and sketches.

Itís pretty incredible that we didnít set fire to our apartment given how combustible the energy was.

Thank god itís over now.

I should be working, but Iím doing this instead. Terence is making boeuf bourguignon which should be ready in about 2 hours (it cooks for an hour, but thereís a lot of prep to do.) I am so looking forward to dinner, a glass of wine, maybe a little Eddie Izzard, some West Wing, then my soft, squishy pillow...

5:14 p.m. - 2003-02-26



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