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I am getting more boring

I have been working at such a frenetic pace that I have mouse elbow, a cramp in my right shoulder, and general stiffness in my left hip and left lower back. Iíve been popping Motrin like chiclets. I have one of those superduper fancy ergo task chairs but itís still a wee bit too big for me and therefore occasionally it does more physical harm than good. I curse you, Herman Miller!

I curse you parents for making me a 5th percentile! The world is not tailored to people of this size!

Design is bad for your health. No, seriously, itís true. I know very few designers who lead healthy lives that include exercise, proper work/life balance and the occasional hobby. Itís one of those professions that can quickly consume and destroy a normal, happy existence.

Itís not always that bad, Iím just feeling a bit cranky.

Lately, because this project I am working on is high! priority! high! urgency! I am like a doctor on call. I canít leave the house because I can never be too far away from my computer or phone. A mobile phone is even pointless. Itís maddening not being able to leave your office when you feel like it. Itís like having a real job. I know the project needs to done yesterday, but crickey, no oneís life is on the line.

Anyway, I havenít been to yoga in almost a week and a half. Yoga would be the exact prescription Iíd give myself if I were actually a doctor... right after valium, muscle relaxants and other opiates. May as well stockpile, right? I look to Winona for all my pharmaceutical advice.

Every day ends with this: ďI canít wait to go to sleep tonight!Ē

How pathetic. At least last nightís bedtime collapse was preceded by a modified Mr Bingo cocktail (San Pellegrino Limonata and whiskey,) a salade de chŤvre chaud, and Felliniís 8 1/2. How I love Marcello Mastroianni and Nino Rotaís music.

In other news, Iíve got not one, but two invitations to go to art openings this weekend. One is courtesy of the delightful Gingeryette, the other courtesy of the also delightful Mr Bingo. Well the Mr Bingo invitation is actually a dinner held after the reception at some wealthy art patronsí house. He thinks I can be stealth and slip in, talk to people and possibly make good LA/design/art contacts... weíll see.

Iíve got to invoice, finish my taxes, and write a letter to the State Board of Equalization. After that maybe Iíll go for a little walk down to 3rd to check on the progress of my Sigerson Morrison store, then poke around the other shops and do some lŤche-vitrine.

8:49 a.m. - 2003-03-19



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