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Can't wait to get to Level 42!

Iíve been watching a lot of movies lately.

In the last week:

- Italian for Beginners

- Far From Heaven

- The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

- The Good Girl

- Summer of Sam

I liked 4 out of 5 which is surprising since I generally like very little. I should mention that my expectations were very low so I wasnít as disappointed as I might have been had I been really looking forward to the films AND had paid full theater admission.

I kept all the 20/20 video store receipts to tabulate how much had been spent on rentals in one the month of March. And wouldnít you know it, it added up to more than a Netflix membership. So I signed up for Netflix. The only problem I foresee will be the lack of decent foreign, classic, independent, and unrated or X-rated films, but I suppose I could go back to 20/20 in a pinch.

I am a Late Adopter by economic status, by design--not by choice. I donít rebuff new things because theyíre too new and Iím not psychologically ready for them. I didnít have a cd player for the longest time because I couldnít afford one. I didnít have a vhs machine, or a cordless phone for the same reasons. This was back when I was still in school and had no money, when spending 79 cents on an avocado was a splurge.

These days, I am still in financial straights, but things are looking a little brighter. Iím not quite ready to replace my cds with an iPod, but it doesnít seem so far fetched to me. However, at this point,my needs are much more basic--whereís rent? Did my health insurance get cancelled because my payment was late? Which credit card has zero apr for a year? How can I avoid paying $255 in federal taxes? Should I make the minimum or the maximum contribution to my SEP IRA?

See, very basic needs. Like, Level 1 of Maslowís hierarchy.

Or maybe Level 1.5.

9:42 a.m. - 2003-04-07



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