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What I did over the weekend

I had a relaxing weekend. I havenít had one of those in a while. And I didnít work! That was extra different from the usual.

Saturday, I went to yoga. I paid some bills, ran some errands, then Terence came back from school, and we had some dinner. After that, we walked up Fairfax to a couple of galleries that were having shows. It was nice to be out, to see new faces, to walk into an art show where they were blasting New Order! But the crowds! Oy, so insane. Wall-to-wall art and people inside, smokers outside. I liked the art, but will once again have to return at a later date to really L O O K.

One celeb sighting: Natasha Gregson Wagner with her cute little short bangs.

Right about the time it started to drizzle, we decided to head home. The other kids were off to eat and drink. We had to decline their invitation due to having blown the entirety of our April Fun budget on Fridayís lunch with SF man. Not that Iím complaining because Fridayís lunch was very fun indeed.

My feet started killing me about 30 seconds into the walk home. Every time I set my foot down on the ground, there was a hot, searing ache that travelled up my leg. It sucked because there were at least 4 more blocks to travel and it was sprinkling so I couldnít take off my shoes and socks. So Terence offered me a piggyback ride and carried me for one entire block to Melrose. Some teenager laughed and pointed at us. My feet still killed when he set me down at the intersection of Melrose and Hayworth, but it was better than nothing.

We got home earlier than expected, so we watched a movie and ate more banana cream pie. Youíd be surprised at how well cream pies keep. I had no idea. I was worried that the entire pie would turn to squish after the first day, but the crust is still crisp, and everything tastes delicious. Unfortunately, there are only two slices left, so after tonight, I will have to experiment with a new confection.

Sunday was project day. We turned the house upside-down looking for Terenceís favorite Modern Amusement shirt, and right about the time he started freaking out that maybe the dry cleaner never gave it back to us, I found it in a bag at the back of my closet. We made waffles then went to Anawalt Lumber for wood putty, came home and made a plywood support for painting. Ate lunch, took a nap, painted and sanded a few layers of medium on the support, then avoided going to book club by having coffee with a friend at Stir Crazy. Way better.

Thatís it. Now itís Monday and, appropriately enough, raining, so Iím taking it easy. No sense making an abrupt transition from weekend to weekday--wouldnít want to shock the system. I'm going to finish Nine Stories by Salinger, then maybe take a nap.

2:48 p.m. - 2003-04-14



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