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Here are some of the crazy-ass moves we pulled in yoga yesterday:

1. vasisthasana II to a crabby backbend (your top leg--the one you’re holding with your hand--drops gracefully backwards and your top arm stretches all the way til it touches the ground)

2. drop-backs (with partners)

3. pincha mayurasana to elbow balance, hands cradling face in this dopey sort of Shirley Temple hommage (with partners)

4. sirsasana II with one arm normal, the other in pincha with a pivot to the side (at the wall or with a partner)

5. Bound ardha chandrasana

See? Insane in the brain acrobatic day. Difficult, but really fun.

After class, I thanked the teacher for a great practice and he said, “You rocked it today!” That was pretty cool.

Tonight we are off to dinner at some friends of friends’ house. They are apparently gourmet chefs (and for once, I actually believe this because they have a Wolf range that looks loved and abused in their kitchen, and also because the husband and I have talked rapturously about Armagnac and foie gras.) I am looking forward to it. I haven’t met too many people down here who cook, enjoy it and do a cracker jack job.

A friend of ours who is acquainted with our dinner hosts is convinced that they (the husband and wife) have an unusual relationship. Meaning, he thinks they’re swingers. This is absolutely ludicrous. I’m sure they are not. And frankly, if they were, I wouldn’t care. If they asked me to join their reindeer games, I would politely decline and not even trip.

I did that in the past, you know. Politely decline. I worked with this guy who had an admittedly hot girlfriend, and he asked me if I’d be game for a ménage a trois. If it had just been his girlfriend, I might have accepted, however it was the two of them and he grossed me out. Physically, he gave me the heebie jeebies. PLUS he’s totally gay-not-gay (straight acting gay, gay acting straight.) I can’t have sex with a gay or seemingly gay man!!

Ok, I’ve got to get my straight ass in gear here.

11:38 a.m. - 2003-04-17



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