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I just look at you and I start to glow...

I think Iíve made it over the final hurdle in the Rebuild Your Hard Drive race. I finally got the right printer drivers installed, and now I can successfully print to both printers.

I still need to load the Acrobat Distiller, but that will have to wait. I am not doing it tonight. Iíve spent enough time in front of the monitor today, and anyway tonight is Buffy and 24 night and Iím off to Harrietís to watch. Her apartment is more comfortable because she has furniture. My apartment is more like an office with a kitchen and bedroom. Itís kind of annoying and I would love to be able to rent a tiny little office, but I just donít have the means right now.

A friend is throwing a birthday party for herself tomorrow night. The theme is ďluckĒ and you can either dress in some sort of Lucky fashion, or go the other way, and be Unlucky. At first I was going to be a Lucky Star and get all dolled up like Madonna in the video, but that would have required too much shopping. I wish I could say that I had that stuff from way back in the 80s--the rubber bracelets and net crop tops--but I was working a completely different aesthetic and one that didnít show up on MTV. If her theme had been 1960s teenagers, I would have been all set!

Anyway, Iíve decided to go the macabre route and dress as a Lucky Stiff. Iím going to see if Harriet has a black hat (with veil) that I can borrow. Iím going to dress all in black, put talc in my hair and apply ghoulish, deathly makeup and dig around for a rosary. Terence is going to the party as a Lucky Bastard; his costume involves putting a black suit on, having me put on some lipstick and kiss the collar of his shirt, then he wants to have a pair of silky, flashy panties sticking out of his pocket. Iím sure weíll be the only ones thematically attired, along with the partygirl of course.

So thatís that. Iíve got to finish dinner then hightail over to Harrietís. Iíll try to be more exciting next time.

7:13 p.m. - 2003-04-22



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