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Birds do it, bees do it

Some random thoughts:

1. I just saw a guy wearing a Rage Against The Machine shirt and flipflops. Can one truly rage in flipflops? I do not think so. There is only one rage-appropriate shoe and that is a big heavy boot.

2. Two nights in a row I have heard my neighbors having sex.

The first night (Tuesday) it was the girl who shares a wall with us (shes the one who listens to her offensive, bad Stones too loud.) At first when I was jolted out of sleep, I thought someone in our building was doing their laundry and that the washer load was unbalanced. Kachunk, kachunk, kachunk. Then I realized there were moans, and that the kachunks were actually the squeaks and sounds of a metal frame straining. I do not care to visualize what position she might have been in, but people, she was most certainly getting fucked. Like a machine gun. Eventhough Terence was asleep, I woke him up because it was so loud and unhinged and unbelievable.

The second night (last night) it was the girl who lives underneath us. We came home from the Lucky party at midnight, and as soon as I kicked off my heels, I heard sex noises. Two nights in a row! I naturally jumped on the bed and put my ear to the wall, but the sounds were not coming from next door! From underneath, it devoures! And this neighbor too was getting the bottom knocked out of it. Ive been in her apartment so I know that her bed lines up with ours (above,) and that poor little IKEA bedframe was getting a workout. So was the wall. So was the neighbor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Spring has Sprung in Los Angeles.

6:40 p.m. - 2003-04-24



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