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Happy Birthday to Moi!

The Two Buck Chuck wine was not so bad. It wasn't good, either. For $3 more, I'd rather drink something better. Life is too short to imbibe wine that's merely passable.

If you want a practical reason for doing so, then think about this: what do you think inferior wine does to the enamel of your teeth?

If you're even remotely vain about your smile, you won't sacrifice it to bad drink.

I'll write later with details on:

- my pre-birthday dinner at Asia de Cuba

- the movie I'm about to see (one that I meant to see in Paris but never got around to seeing, "Etoiles..." about the dancers of the Paris Opéra Ballet

- my presents

- the sad state of my bed linens

- my displeasure with clients who demand an estimate "immediately" only to never get back to you. I don't care how "exciting" and "fun" this new project is supposed to be; the longer it takes for the client to get back to me, the quicker my interest wanes

And on and on.

12:51 p.m. - 2003-05-10



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