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Birthday summary

The food at Asia de Cuba is delicious. But what is even better is the setting. The LA restaurant is housed in the Mondrian, a very beautiful Schrager/Starck collaboration.

We sat outside and had a view of the city. The light was soft and flattering, the sheer white curtains billowed in the breeze... it felt very dreamy. Say what you will about Philippe Starck, he is a master at creating mood.

We ate a calamari salad that was incredible, a Cuban-style braised pork that was mouth watering, and two fish dishes: a salmon satay and an avocado + macadamia encrusted halibut. The famous fried rice with plantains and guacamole is indeed manna from the gods. I could not stop shoveling it in. For dessert, there was an insane fudge sundae, and a slice of chocolate cake with espresso ice cream and caramel sauce. After a cocktail and many glasses of wine, I was happy to teeter out of there and take a walk down the Sunset Strip. I was stuffed silly.

The Sunset Strip is its own thing on the weekends. Think supertight Seven/PaperDenim/BlueCult jeans, pointy stilettos, the revealing flouncy top, glossy stick straight hair times a hundred. I saw a LOT of skin on my after dinner walk. Honeyed arms and chests, well moisturized and taut. I have to hand it to the girls who hang out on Sunset on weekends--they work really hard at creating the illusion of retouched, magazine perfection.

The thing is, you see the first uber-LA chick, and your head turns.You see a second one, then a third, then a fourth, then before you know it, you’re yawning. You’re in a sea of highlighted hair and armpit bags, and everyone looks exactly the same. It’s a trip.

I tossed and turned all night due to the rich Chino/Latino food. But it was worth it.

My actual birthday (Saturday) was pretty boring. I woke feeling shitty because guess what Terence gave me for my birthday? That’s right--a cold! I spent most of the day sleeping and watching movies. Around 7:45 I left the house to attend the party being thrown in my honor.

I dedicate this next portion of my diary to this lovely little lady :

There was cake! (the triple berry cake from Sweet Lady Jane)

There were cookies! (from this bakery. Ohmygod, ridiculosity of rich and yummy)

There were games! (ok, just one round of one game--CatchPhrase--because no one could concentrate for long enough)

There was drinking! (vodka tonics and a magnum of champagne)

I circulated! And attempted to talk to each guest! And I did a pretty good job of it if I do say so myself.

Presents in no particular order:

- a facial at Ona Spa (superfancy and the gratuity is included in the certificate!)

- a book about Hergé and Tintin

- a deck of clear playing cards

- handmade soap and a Hello Kitty car air freshener

- a bottle of very good wine

- a Sid Vicious Kubrick figurine which is now worth nothing to collectors because I opened the box and played with the toy

- a set of 8 beautiful Aino Aalto (Aalvar’s wifey-poo) glasses from Mr Bingo

- a check from my parents for 1G

I will post pictures a bit later. I am too tired to scan Polaroids.

7:48 p.m. - 2003-05-11



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