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Feeling better

Last night I went to a double feature at The New Beverly cinema.

Itís like The Roxie in SF (does it even still exist?) only dirtier. I saw Lost in La Mancha, a documentary about Terry Gilliamís failed attempt to get Don Quixote to the screen, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Good combination. Every time I go to the movies here--be it at a new cinema or an old, dilapidated one--I long for the French sucrť-salť popcorn. Man oh man, if I could eat a large popcorn that was half salty, half sweet, I would be in heaven.

Iím still sick, but now the runny in the runny nose has thickened to a precipitate, and when I cough, I dislodge slime and phlegm. Lovely.

I think Iíll be ready to go back to yoga tomorrow. I can finally breathe through my nose, and more importantly, I have a new pair of yoga pants to practice in! I tried them on as soon as I got them today, and they are super comfortable and the fabric is very soft. The pants came from this place, a catalog and online shop that has a nice selection of athletic gear for the ladies. My one boeuf is that the house brand prices are too high. This is why I seldom spend my own money there--I ask for gift certificates.

I am headed to SF the weekend of June 6th. Our friend Montana is getting married that Friday night. I donít like weddings (Iím sure Iíve mentioned this before) but I am looking forward to this one because itís at night and itís at the Fairmont. I only know two other people who got married at the Fairmont, but they tied the knot in the Tonga Room (on the raft, with the thunderstorm and rain timed for the kiss) which was greatgreatgreat. Iím sure this event will be extra swank (no expense has been spared) and I am looking forward to drinking and eating and dancing. The rest of the weekend will be spent running around, visiting folks, and doing yoga with Mr Bingo. I hope also to take in a baseball game, a burrito and a quick poke-around at the Marc Jacobs store.

I still have not figured out what the hell Iím wearing to the damned wedding. Iíve got a skirt and jacket number that would work with fishnets and black shoes, but of course thereís a part of me that wants to get something new. Then the other part of me is all, ďNo, donít do it. Save your money for the MJ store, or the trip to New York.Ē And then the first part retaliates and says, ďHow about just a little top? Like a tiny sexy black, strapless number? Not too expensive?Ē To satisfy my shopping jones, I might just go to a cheapie mall store like Forever 21 and buy a flimsy throwaway item.

Speaking of flimsy throwaway items: when Terence was a Lucky Bastard for our friendís party, he bought a $3 teensie weensie red g-string at a cheapie mall store to stick in his suit pocket. I never thought Iíd say this, but those tarty little knickers are pretty comfortable. Best $3 heís ever spent.

4:23 p.m. - 2003-05-16



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