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A 3-day weekend made Monday out of Tuesday

I had my facial today. The appointment was 7 hours ago, and I can still smell the facially products that were slathered on me.

I don’t know how this can be, but of all the facialists in that spa, I ended up with a French guy named Stéphane. What are the odds?

He was super sympa, chatty and did a great job on my face. I have to say, the French have a way with extractions. Americans are not this zealous. In my experience anyway. The French have no compunction about annihilating every single blackhead on your face, regardless of how much pain they are inflicting. The French say, “il faut souffrir pour être belle” (one must suffer to be beautiful) and it is indeed true. At one point my eyes even watered.

I am glowing, but I did get reprimanded for my coffee intake. This is only flaw in my skincare regimen. Stéphane asked me if I drank alcohol, and I said, “a glass of wine in the evenings.” He said, “that doesn’t count. That’s wine.” So then I confessed to one cocktail per week, and still he scoffed. I eat healthy, I exercise, I use spf 30 everyday and wear hats on sunny days... he decided that the sun damage I have by my eyes, forehead and chin must be from my childhood, and he’s probably right. I don’t think I ever wore sunblock as a kid. He said to keep doing what I’m doing, but then, naturellement, he recommended that I invest in some cosmeceutical that they sell at the salon. I appreciate that he wasn’t hard selling me on product. Maybe I’ll investigate further when I’ve used up the remainder of my favorite moisturizer on the planet.

Stéphane also did my eyebrows but I am less fond of his handiwork in that area. I said, “naturel mais pas trop diva,” and I think he interpreted that to mean very thin, very arched but uneven where they start above the insides of your eyes. I am totally picky about the last part and I can’t believe I didn’t micromanage the wax. So unlike me. I can’t stand it when people’s brows begin right above the inside corners of their eyes--I know this is considered proper technique, but I prefer drawing an invisible line straight up from the creases of my nostrils, and starting from that point. I just think it looks better on me.

Potatoes, Potahtoes. The eyebrows will grow out.

Not much else happened today. I meant to do laundry but didn’t wake up in time (I like doing it early before the freaks get to the laundromat.) I worked a little bit, wrote a bookstore review for a friend’s website, and then watched Terence fix the espresso machine.

10:42 p.m. - 2003-05-27



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