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My achy breaky chest

I am thinking about this right now:

Me: I wouldnít want to call your morals into question.

Mr Bingo: Call all you want, no oneís home!

and this:

Me: You know me, I donít stand on ceremony.

Mr Bingo: But thatís the only way you can see!

Mr Bingo is very funny indeed. I miss him. He was one of the highlights of my visit to San Francisco. He bought us lunch! And made us coffee at his beautiful apartment.

I got my hair cut today. I went to a new salon (new to me, and new since itís only been open since Jan.) and this one, Iím sticking with. My hair looks great! The style is sort of a modified bob, short and stacked in the back, longer in the front. Somehow, the way my hair got coiffed, a little marcel wave magically appeared near my face and I am feeling very No Depression. And a little Bugsy Malone-esque.

I am now more convinced than ever to invest in some decent anti-frizz goo. Amy the Amazing Rockabilly Hairdresser put some in my hair, and even with todayís humidity, there is not a bit of frizz or fuzz on my head. Each curl is defined and layered on my head. Very, very yay. Amy also said I could straighten the style easily with an iron to get it more choppy and 60s-looking. Magic words! When I mentioned bangs, she didnít shudder. She just said if I kept them really short, theyíd probably stay flat. But that will have to be for next time.

So 2 new things on the shopping list: anti-frizz and flattening iron. Recommendations? Warnings? Bring Ďem on.

I have been having a strange pain in my chest for the last two weeks. At first, I thought it was acute heartburn. They say that asthmatics are prone to heartburn, so I just ran out and bought a bunch of Rolaids. Well, the Rolaids are not really helping and I am starting to mildly panic. I have an appointment with my allergist in a few weeks and I am hoping I can wait until then to talk to a doctor. Itís a very odd pain, like a burning, heavy throb just under my breastbone, and it is not mellowing out with the antacids.

What the hell is wrong with me? I am so annoyed at not being in perfect physical shape. I am crossing my fingers that the painís nothing serious. What if itís a side-effect from this study medication? Iíve been on it for almost a year now; if there were going to be side-effects, wouldnít they have plagued me from the beginning? Or can some of them build slowly--like a fucking tumor!--over time? Christ, I need to relax.

What better way to relax than by surfing Friendster for hours on end? Thatís what Iíve been doing, and itís mostly working.

Oh my god, I need to lie down before this alien leaps out of my chest.

3:59 p.m. - 2003-06-12



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