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It's a wonderful town, the Bronx is up, and the Battery's down...

New York was great. Is great, I should say. Present tense. I love it so much that I just may move there next. Coming back to LA was, as usual, a letdown. I can’t believe I live here. Why? I can’t remember.

Some funny things that happened in New York:

- Terence was propositioned by an older woman. I was not there to see it, unfortunately. Apparently she made eye contact with him and said, “Well, hello there” then did the whole jimmy double-back in the crosswalk to turn around and catch up to say this: “Why don’t you come over to my place after work some time?”

- A man on a bicycle rode past us, turned around and yelled at Terence: “Hey, you have a pretty friend. Why don’t you hold her hand? What’s the matter with you?”

- We were on an un-air conditioned subway car and stayed there because watching people get in made us laugh our asses off. Most people made a crazy face when they realized the air conditioning was broken, and they either got off the car or just moved into the next one. It was funny observing some folks’ reactions. One perfect New Yorker got in, stopped for a second, turned around, and said, “You gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me!” then stepped back onto the platform.

- I ate pizza, bagels, a delicious steak frites at Odeon, a yummy sandwich at the Pink Pony in the Lower East Side, a bastilla in the East Village, countless cappuccinos at my favorite West Village haunt, vanilla bean rice pudding and mascarpone cherry rice pudding at Rice to Riches, had drinks at Guastavino, inhaled yakitori at a funky Japanese place, more coffee at my other favorite cafe in Soho on Greene...

- shopped and wandered around Soho and Nolita and only bought $20 worth of stuff for myself: a half price Catherine Memmi candle (in lavande grise because it reminds me of Paris, where the C.M. store was a block away,) and a $6 pair of Chinese mesh slippers with beading and little roses on top. I tried on shoes pretty much everywhere, but no one had the style I wanted in the size I needed. There were sales everywhere you looked and tried to spend money but was foiled at every turn. Thank god the Sigerson Morrison store in LA is also having a sale. Perhaps they will have the style I am looking for (pointy and flat, or high and ridiculous.)

- We finally stayed at an Ian Schrager property, the Hudson. I am more convinced now than ever that Ian Schrager and Philippe Starck are both geniuses. The room was comfortable, the service friendly and professional, and I felt that the price-to-quality-of-experience ratio was ideal. I never felt that I was being taken advantage of or that I was paying for stuff that I wasn’t getting. My only regret is that we never had drinks outside... next time.

The only good thing about being back is that I came home to two checks. And a notice that my health insurance premium is delinquent, but now I can finally pay it.

4:47 p.m. - 2003-07-12



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