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Irving is on the road again and you should all go see them if they come to your town. Here are some dates:

07/21/2003 Philadelphia, PA Khyber

07/22/2003 Chapel Hill, NC Nightlight

07/23/2003 Mt. Pleasant, SC Village Tavern

07/24/2003 Jackson, MS Martin's Lounge

07/25/2003 Memphis, TN Young Avenue Deli

07/26/2003 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves

07/27/2003 Austin, TX Emo's

07/30/2003 Tucson, AZ Club Congress

Beulahís new (and final?) record will be released in September, after which they will begin touring (their final tour?) I wonít extol their many virtues here since Iíve done it before. As you know, I love them and if you donít agree, your intellect and taste will be called into question.

Moving on...

I went to a reading at Skylight Books yesterday. They were promoting a magazine written, edited and designed by Art Center students. I was leaning against a bookcase, my legs and lower back were getting achy, the reader kept looking up and making uncomfortable eye contact, so I moved to the Childrenís section just as he (the reader) got to a part about his wet cock, womenís pussies, and taking used tampax out of the garbage can, soaking them in water, and knocking back the liquid. It was strange sitting on a tiny stool in the kidsí section, listening to the readerís prose get increasingly graphic. Terence handed me this book. Cock-o-rama! I would have laughed except there was an even tinier person than myself sitting next to me, studying The Five Chinese Brothers, and I didnít want to be disruptive.

Anyway, it was weird being in Los Feliz. I really donít see the point of that place.

I actually donít see the point of LA, either, but I canít afford to move.

9:12 a.m. - 2003-07-21



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