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Food, glorious Food! Hot sausage and mustard!

I used to have a subscription to Vogue and yesterday, I thought about getting a new one.

Not because of the fashion--Iíve got W and Numťro for that. No, I wanted to read Vogue because of Jeffrey Steingarten. He is the food writer and he is wonderful.

I was reminded of this last night while I was re-reading an article of his and preparing his rendition of gratin dauphinois. Not only did I delight in his descriptions, but his recipe made the most mouth-meltingly delicious gratin Iíve tasted in a while. Sure, it contains milk, cream and obscene amounts of butter, but thatís why it tastes so damn good! Potatoes the way God intended.

The gratin, some lemon-thyme grilled chicken and an arugula salad is what I ate for dinner. I was content.

Mt Steingarten once wrote an article about a little taqueria in Rosarito that made me so hungry, I had to run to the nearest burrito joint and get a fix. At the end of the article, he mentioned that if you sent him a postcard, heíd send you the recipes, so I have in my collection a laserprinted set of instructions for carne asada, salsa ranchera and flour tortillas. The carne asada is easy and delicious, especially when thrown on the bbq.

I highly recommend reading Vogue for his articles. He knows a ton, and is incredibly funny. Heís also written two books, neither of which Iíve read unfortunately. Theyíve been on my Amazon wish list for ages, and one of these days, Iím going to get them and devour them.

I am multitasking right now: typing and baking! Eventhough itís a zillion degrees outside, I need to have the oven on for cookies. I am insane.

2:57 p.m. - 2003-09-02



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