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rue-madame est faineante!

Today is Terence’s birthday so we went out to lunch at one of those “caution, the plate is hot” Mexican places. The decor was old skool Cal-Mex, and so was the food (which means: toothless salsa, and flour tortillas instead of corn.)

Tonight I have the first of my Flash classes, and I am hoping there won’t be a lot of students, and we can jump right in. I am anxious to learn something different. I’m pretty sure it’s going to frustrate the hell out of me since Flash is neither vector- nor raster-based, but this old dog craves some new tricks.

I was the recipient of a magical windfall so I made two appointments: one for my eyebrows (tomorrow at 9 am) and one for a haircut (Thursday at 2:45.) Don’t get excited; I’m still broker than broke. I just decided that the personal grooming business is long overdue, that I look a fright, and that maybe if I feel better, then karmically, better things will happen to me.

The grooming is perfectly timed for the free screening of “Lost in Translation” that I’ve been invited to. It’s not a premiere or anything, so there’s not likely to be anyone I need to impress; still, it’s nice to step out on the town and feel a little more soignée than usual. That’s happening tomorrow evening, so the brows will be tamed, but the hair still a little too out of control for my taste. Oh well, that’s why they invented ponytails.

Speaking of which, I’ve discovered two things:

1. Following L’Oreal Smooth-Intense shampoo + conditioner with Phytodéfrisant rocks my hair.

2. Following a random shampoo + Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Hair Treatment conditioner with ISO Bouncy Creme also rocks the hair.

Something about those particular combinations is magic on my head. I’ve switched them up too, for the purposes of testing and evaluation, and the results are not as successful. The above formulas are the winning ones for my tresses.

In other news, I’ve been collaborating with the yogi, and things are moving along. We had a meeting yesterday that went very well, and at the end, she said, “my spiritual guides told me this would be a good idea.” And I said, “What do you mean?” because I wanted her to clarify the “spiritual guides” part. She misunderstood and explained, “They told me that working with you was the right decision, and they’re totally right.” So I said, “Spiritual guides?” and she just looked at me, unfazed, and said, “Yeah, I tell them things, and they give me counsel” but she sort of looked up when she said it, and motioned towards the sky with her hands.

The spiritual guides are not people!

I almost laughed, because as soon as I thought, “the spiritual guides are not people!” I simultaneously thought about soylent green and how soylent green IS people and it demonstrated a huge amount on control on my part that I said nothing, and sort of smiled (without showing teeth. I don’t know why this is significant. Maybe because showing teeth is like a tell in poker? Maybe I was thinking that my teeth would give me away? Shit, I am spending entirely too long on this.)

Moving on: in case any of you care, I should tell you that I will not be voting for the recall in California, and I most certainly will not be casting a vote for Arnold (Schwarzenegger or even the little Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes.) I agree that Gray Davis’ gubernatorial performance leaves a lot to be desired, but I believe you wait til he comes up for re-election to vote him OUT of office. I also am opposed to term limits, for similar reasons. Use your vote the way it was intended to be used, people.

But enough about that. I’ve got to take a nap and get ready for school.

4:28 p.m. - 2003-09-09



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