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rue-madame's theory of everything. Take that, Hawking!

Here are some of my new crazy theories:

1. I believe there is a parking scam going on in Los Angeles County. I believe that some people are falsely getting themselves Disabled Persons plates and parking stickers in order to park whenever and wherever they like and avoid paying for meters. I know I live in a neighborhood that is evenly divided between urban hipsters and decrepit Eastern European jews, and that the old folks are probably truly disabled, but there are altogether too many flash cars and souped up rides with disabled persons plates to make any kind of sense. How many old biddies have you seen cruising in brand new, slammed-a-la-Fast-and-Furious 2003 Honda Civics?

2. I believe that smoked gouda is pork masquerading as cheese. That is why it tastes so goddamned good.

3. I believe that the Ralphís Card that entitles you to special promotions and discounts is a lie. I think they just raise the prices, and make it look like youíre getting a deal, when really, youíre paying fair market price. The little area on the bottom of the receipt, where Ralphís tells you how much you ďsavedĒ by using your card, is fat lot of hooey. They canít fool me!

4. I donít know if the products have healthful properties, but Aveda shit smells awesome. Iím convinced thatís the real reason everybody is faithful to that brand. The salon that I went to yesterday for my haircute is now Aveda-licensed, and my hair was subjected to this, then this, then this and finally some of this. My hair looked good, yes, smelled divine, yes, but Iím still not sold. I guess when my arsenal of potions runs out, Iíll buy the entire suite of products and experiment on my own. Because really, the stylist is a master with the goop, it could be any goop; the real test will be to see if I can achieve the same results.

End of theories.

My hair is superduper cute! I almost canít stand it.

Ugh, Iím still in sweaty yoga clothes. Iíve got to shower and get prepared for tonightís dinner at Ammo. I purposely did not eat very much today so that I can be obscenely gourmande at the restaurant. I intend to have a salad, a main course AND dessert.

RIP Johnny Cash. I will miss the Man in Black.

6:28 p.m. - 2003-09-12



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