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Ok, dinner at Ammo kicked 58 kinds of ass. Thatís 1 more than Heinz ketchup!

First of all, it was a restaurant filled with adults who wanted to eat and enjoy eachotherís company. It was not a ridiculous scene, it wasnít obnoxious, and the lighting was soft and flattering.

Second, the waiter, eventhough he had horrific b.o., was professional and courteous. There was no trying to be buddies with us--just straightforward explaining of dishes, and educated descriptions of the differences between Napa and Italian Sangioveses, etc.

Third, the food was delicious. I had a fig, prosciutto and butter lettuce salad, and followed that with a medium rare filet in a Bordeaux reduction with gorgonzola-shmeared potatoes and haricots jaunes. I ate everything, and even sopped up the sauce with bread. I also tasted everybody elseís food, and there was not one thing that wasnít rapturously tasty. We shared three desserts, too: warm chocolate souffle cake, peach cake with vanilla gelato and caramel sauce, and a strawberry ice cream sandwich in a raspberry sauce. Terence declared the meal the best heís had in Los Angeles.

Fourth, corporate card picked up the tab! I love being friends with successful, high-powered entertainment executives.

Afterwards, we went to our neighborhood for a nightcap. Maxís has been transformed into The Dime, so we went there to check it out. The place was pretty crowded, but we spotted a free table for 4 and quickly moved towards it. Thatís when the cocktail waitress told us it was ďreserved.Ē Whaaaaaaaaaat? A reserved table at 10:45pm on a Friday night at what is still kind of a hole-in-the-wall bar across the street from Canterís? Strikes 1, 2 *and* 3. The drinks were fine, but reserved tables at my local is 59 kinds of jive. Thatís 2 more than Heinz!

11:00 a.m. - 2003-09-13



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