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Quickie recap with more blather to follow

Cars now come with dvd players so that children can watch movies and be entertained while they’re chauffeured around town. Some friends of mine were at a restaurant where at the next table over, two couples were having a pleasant dinner while one of their kids watched a movie on a little handheld dvd player.

Why can’t kids be bored? Why is that so wrong these days? I am alarmed at how many folks just want to turn their kids into a lifestyle convenience.

Anyway, I was yammering on about this, and Terence said, “Why don’t we just sedate them instead of parenting them? That would be a LOT easier.”

I got a ridiculous sunburn at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. I put sunscreen on my shoulders, my arms, my back, my face and ears, but completely forgot about my chest. So guess what burned? It’s faded a bit, but not enough to permit me to wear my new! exciting! top! Mine is short-sleeved and black, and I am completely in love with the applique. It was a gift, and I cannot wait to don it and be hip and sassorific.

The new hard drive has arrived and not a minute too soon! I’ve been bombing at least 3 times a day, and it’s really starting to cramp my style. Major surgery this weekend... wish me luck.

In the most exciting news of all--yes, even more exciting than the acquisition of a new! exciting! top!--is the recent receipt of my very own set of Lucky Panties string and camisole from Gentry de Paris. They are blue-gray stretch silk, super luxurious and divinely comfortable. And very, very sexy! I only had them on for about 2 minutes before they were gingerly removed by Terence pre-delightful afternooner. Gettin’ lucky is a cinch with these underthings!

9:30 a.m. - 2003-09-24



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