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ICU, UC me

Well everyone, the operation was successful. My Macís now got 896 MB of RAM, a 120 GB hard drive and is noticeably faster. Iíve copied everything from the old disk to the new one, and Iíve also reloaded a bunch of software that was acting up.

So far, so good.

Thereís still the matter of the new OS to contend with, but that will happen later on when this machineís been under observation for a spell. No need to rush into anything, especially during a transition period.

Thereís really nothing to say about the weekend since it was pretty uneventful.

Today is a different story, though. Canterís is having an anniversary celebration so my neighborhood is going to be a nightmare. From noon to midnight, the deli will sell you a corned beef sandwich, some potato salad, a pickle and a piece of rugelach for 55 cents. Only one per customer! Terence has joked that he will go once at 3 (unshaven, in a baseball cap, dressed one way) and again at 10 (clean shaven, no hat, eye patch, dressed another way) to see if he canít get one over on Canterís. I donít know about that. Those old lady waitresses are hawks. Nothing gets past them.

9:49 a.m. - 2003-09-29



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