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Office space

I forgot to mention two things in the last entry:

1. the Beulah show was great, in spite of the too-loud drums. Maybe it was where we were standing, but the cymbal crashes and drum smashing overpowered the singing and other instruments. I was a psycho fan and bought not only the new album, not only a new pink t-shirt, but also a limited edition acoustic version of the new album. Those kids can do no wrong in my book.

2. I saw Sharon Osbourne crossing the street. She is h-o-t hot, my friends. She was smashingly dressed, very hip and sexy in her sky-high stilettos, and looked fanfuckingtastic. No joke. I want to look that good when Iím her age cause she was amazing.

Onto the new stuff:

Oh my god, I have Quark clawe.

I have been designing for two days straight in anticipation of sending pdfs to Frankfurt (the client is there for the book fair.) Deadline is tomorrow.

I asked for an extra day and was granted additional time. Thank god, because it took forever finalizing the first layout. Then I came up with a second concept, just in case the first one didnít fly.

This is how I know I have been working like an insane person:

- the kitchen sink is full of glasses and teacups. There are no other dishes in there

- I have eaten out twice in the last two days in lieu of preparing meals

- I go to bed and spend hours, prone, trying to chase thoughts of the project from my head

- I have been wearing the same sportif-but-still-cute outfit for two days straight

I had a break this afternoon, and Terence insisted we go get some groceries so he could prepare meals for me. Eating out everyday is not in our budget, unfortunately. We spent almost $100 at Trader Joeís and I actually said to him, in the refrigerated aisle, ďMaybe we shouldnít get the large container of fresh tangerine juice because what if they hate my work? And I donít get paid? Maybe the tangerine juice is gonna to jinx me? We could just get apple juice. Itís cheaper.Ē

He shushed me, and asked what I wanted for dinner.

Heís a peach when I have a lot of work. He brings me beverages, snacks, lunch, runs errands, offers sexual favors. Why, this afternoon, he even made cookies! So I had warm cookies with my tea at 5 oíclock. As I type this, he is doing dishes and making dinner. I could never hire an assistant whoís that solicitous. They just donít exist. Unless you have the braggadoccio and sex appeal of Bill Clinton.

The cool thing about this project is that if I hadnít had a website, I never would have gotten the job.

8:02 p.m. - 2003-10-08



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