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Me working hard. Me no like.

The Swampage of Work continues. I should be slaving right now, but I need a break so this is it. Plus I’m waiting for a messenger and that’s a convenient excuse for fucking off.

This weekend, I managed to eat dinner at Mexico City, attend this event, and watch Austin Powers with the director and Mike Myers’ commentaries. That was pretty funny. I also watched Raising Victor Vargas which made me goosepimply all over because it so accurately portrayed how awkward and dumb we are as teenagers.

What else?

I’ve taken to wearing skirts with long socks which makes me look Japanese from the knees down.

This week is going to be hell because in addition to pounds of work, I am going away for a few days. Up to SF for my nephew’s birthday, as a matter of fact. I am staying at Mr Bingo’s because he will be in New York for his book signing, and his apartment cannot lie fallow, it must be occupied! It is the cutest apartment in the entire city, and I can’t wait to relax on his couch with a glass of wine and listen to the streetcar rattle by. It will feel like a vacation.

Irving plays the Hemlock Tavern tomorrow night. All SF dwellers with no plans should tape ‘24’ and check them out! They are great. Sadly, I will be in my Flash class, attempting to animate a little running guy.

Terence had been feeling under the weather, which is unfortunate, and he’s been cooking and baking as his therapy, which is good. He made quiche one night, then used the dough scraps to make blueberry turnovers another night, and this evening he’s making split pea soup. The house smells so hammy and wintery now and I love it.

Dear Diary, I am sorry this is so boring and choppy and meandering. My brain, she is fried.

6:06 p.m. - 2003-11-10



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