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Hooray for Gold renewal

I had a few fun activities this weekend.

One was an artistsí reception at a gallery in Bergamot Station for a friend of ours. There wasnít much that I liked (apart from what our friend had made) but there never is. I saw a lot of older women with too-tight surgically-enhanced faces and a lot of age-inappropriate fashion, but then again, this is Los Angeles. Iím sure this will hardly be my lament in New Haven, Connecticut.

There was a good celebrity sighting, though. I saw not only Xander from Buffy but I also his twin brother! Hard to tell them apart, really, but one was bearded and heavy and checking out art, and the other was slenderer and coolly hanging back in the parking lot. My guess is the thinner dude was the real Xander.

The second fun activity was going to a bbq at a friendís house and making a 7-layer dip that got demolished in seconds flat. The dip is sort of a white trash appetizer, but it tastes so damn good who cares? We couldnít resist classing it up by making salsa and guacamole from scratch, and using organic sour cream. We even went to the Ďhood to get authentic, thick tortilla chips (you need a firm conveyance for all 7 layers.) Wrongly delicious!

Starting from the bottom of a rectangular pyrex dish and working our way to the topmost stratum, the dip was constructed as follows: refried beans (mantle,) guacamole (upper layer of the mantle,) sour cream (dairy plate,) salsa (continental plate,) cheese, sliced black olives and sliced pickled jalapenos. We even wrote the hostís name in olives on the top. You get your dip and your geology lesson all at once.

Remember how I said I bought new underwear? Well I did, and idiotically I did not try the underpants on in the shop. I figured Iíve got my body dysmorphic disorder under control and Iím a small and why should I try them on? I held them up and they seemed like theyíd easily stretch around my ass. Well, I should have TRIED THEM ON. Those goddamned panties in size small made me look like a porker! All sorts of new rolls of fat magically appeared at the waistband and I ripped them off my body in a panic. ďOh my god, Iím totally a Heifer!Ē I whined at Terence. A few days after this crisis, I returned to the store to exchange the knickers for mediums, and guess what? Those didnít fit either! I still looked like a fat cow!! They pinched and tugged in all the wrong places!! Yesterday, I finally got the right size (S) in a comfortable style (low-waist shortie) manufactured by a more forgiving brand (Felina.) I had forgotten how annoying skivvy shopping can be.

I finally got around to seeing The Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved it, and my admiration for Johnny Depp continues unabated.

1:34 p.m. - 2004-01-12



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