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Odds and sods

You havenít lived til youíve watched Tim Robbins do covers of Fear and X songs.

Itís funny how actors want to be rockstars, and rockstars want to be actors. Even indier than thou Jack White has a separate agent for film roles. I didnít realize he was in Cold Mountain, but that would certainly explain his romance with RZ, the human lollipop.

That was Friday night. Saturday night was The Muffs. They were great as usual but I think Iíve officially given up on Spaceland as a venue. That club smells alternately like locate-the-nearest-exit burning grilled meats or swamp gas, and both are gross when youíre trying to enjoy music. Theyíve hung sparkly curtains all around the stage, but even that is not enough to bring me back.

Yesterday I had a consultation with a surgeon, and he determined that I may not need an operation. ďThereís a one in three chance your body will heal itself. See me in March if it doesnít go awayĒ he said. I neglected to mention that I wouldnít be anywhere near UCLA in March, but I was being optimistic, looking towards a surgery-free future. If I am still in pain in a few months, Iíll just go to Yale Medical. Swap one university medical center for another. I just hope that was the last rectal exam of 2004.

Looks like Iím going to get paid. Iím sure the intermediary agency is pissed off at me, but guess what? I donít care! Iím never going to work with them again, and their actions have pretty much guaranteed that theyíll never work with the client again.

Have I started packing? No.

Am I getting excited about moving? Not really. It mostly just stresses me out to think about it, which is why Iím focusing entirely on my work right now. And truth be told, thereís still so much to accomplish on this project that any free time I have is spent in bed, in a tub, zoning out in front of the tv, or fantastizing about a massage.

... Bottoms up!

8:17 a.m. - 2004-01-21



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