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I'm thrilled!

Two entries in one day! Who's shirking her responsibilities?

I get to see The Thrills tonight! It’s sold out, and my friend won tickets on KCRW! Yay for me!

And my hair looks great today! Double yay!

This article appeared in yesterday’s Times. The woman who is the focus of the article, Catherine, is totally annoying. She took yoga classes at my Parisian studio, and she was completely full of shit and used to drive me silently crazy. By that I mean that she would arrive for class, liberate herself from one of her artfully wrapped Indian fabrics, and then flounce them over her mat. To practice on. A length of sheer fabric ON TOP OF HER YOGA MAT! Ridiculous!!! And she always wore some fanciful headdress or shawl when practicing. Also annoying!!! The worst and most egregious thing was her body odor, though. It was no doubt designed to make her terribly conspicuous and give all French people a bad name. A couple of times I was too polite to move my mat over, but after a few particularly fragrant episodes, I had no compunction about relocating to the other side of the room. Some b-o I will tolerate; the kind that stings the eyes and turns the stomach, not so much.

Next time you see one of her products in a store, remember that she’s one smelly frog.

I should say that I actually like her line of whimsical home accessories. I’m just not a fan of her yoga pretention.

Oh and by the way, if she’s 39, I’m 20.

4:49 p.m. - 2004-01-23



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