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turn a square

If it�s possible to be in love with music, then I am in love with The Shins.

Last night�s show exceeded all of my expectations. The band was energetic, the vocal/instrument balance was perfect, the audience was properly reverent and I had goosebumps all over when they sang Young Pilgrims! Up until now, only Elvis Costello had the power to make every nerve in my body stand at attention.

I was even introduced to their manager and he was very nice. In typical dork fashion, I grabbed his arm and blurted out, �Tell them they were so, so GREAT!!!� I couldn�t help it. I was so happy.

I wore my new shrimply stylish Shins t-shirt to my waxing appointment this morning, and the aesthetician thought it was cute. She also thought it was funny that I dispensed with the weird disposable �underwear for bikini wax� tyvek template. This woman waxes every gay guy in West Hollywood, I think she can stand to see my entire couscous. Plus how else is she supposed to symmetrically shape me if she can�t see the entire area? I almost brought in a photo of a naked Kate Moss as reference, but I thought maybe she�d find that strange.

Must. Work. Now.


11:47 a.m. - 2004-02-06



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